16 - 20 FEBRUARY 2020


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Halal World Food

Halal World Food

Halal World Food is a show-within-a-show concept will be returning for its 7th edition at Gulfood 2020. This major global trading platform generates lucrative investment opportunities for international F&B businesses looking to capitalize on the burgeoning halal sector that is witnessing significant growth in both Muslim and non-Muslim countries across the world.

Reflecting the UAE's strategic position as an international centre for halal food trading, Halal World Food showcases the full spectrum of halal products – including vegan and vegetarian food, meat and poultry, canned goods, energy drinks, gourmet and much more.

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The most used show feature in 2018: 53.8% of visitors benefited from the Halal World Food guide

  • Easily locate and appraise the halal products that are most relevant to your needs
  • Acquire granular insight into investment opportunities entering the Halal sector throughout the world
  • Meet with halal food policy-shapers to discuss certification and quality assurance in this highly profitable and fast-growing sub-sector


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Halal Food Products at Gulfood

Demand for halal meat is increasing, wherein manufacturers need to adopt clear labeling approaches with respect to animal slaughter and meat preparation practices.

Gulfood Global Industry Outlook Report 2018

2,400+ CERTIFIED EXHIBITORS - List coming soon!

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